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About Us

The Australian Embassy in Tallinn is Australia’s first ‘pop-up post’. Our Ambassador to Estonia is operating from an office in Tallinn during April and May. Outside this period, the Ambassador will visit Tallinn a number of times and will maintain relations through the active use of phone, video conferencing, social media and websites.

The Australian Embassy in Stockholm will retain responsibility for consular services for Australians in Estonia, supported by Australia’s Honorary Consul in Tallinn.

Ambassador to Estonia

Ms Kerin Ayyalaraju

Ms Ayyalaraju is a career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She has previously served overseas as Chargé d’affaires, Australian Embassy, Lisbon; Acting Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy, Ankara; Deputy Head of Post, Australian Consulate-General, Shanghai; and Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy, Abu Dhabi.

In Canberra, Ms Ayyalaraju has served as Director, Consular and Crisis Management Division; and Director, New Colombo Plan Secretariat, DFAT.

Ms Ayyalaraju holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University.